Welcome to Secure Frontline Services

In today’s uncertain world, adequate security measures are of utmost importance to protect your business from the risks of theft, criminal damage, injury to staff and to maintain the safety of your customers. Escalating security risks can affect your daily operations which could damage your reputation, goodwill and the profitability of your business.

SFS provides customised security solutions for business and private clients, offices, shopping centres, bars and clubs, hotels, retail outlets, construction sites, private homes, events and stewarding with a full range of security options.

We liaise with local authorities, police forces and other agencies, ensuring that we provide the highest level of security for our clients. We research and update the latest technologies and security techniques for use on the frontline, applying advanced methods in the protection of our client’s interests and assets.

For more information, please feel free to contact anyone within our management team. It is essential that we not only provide high levels of frontline staffing but also provide a strong management infrastructure to ensure that our security operations are well managed from the ground up.

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