Our CCTV Operators monitor a bank of video screens, working in teams (or alone) from a secure room on-site, or remotely. With 20:20 vision and exceptional powers of concentration, our CCTV operators can monitor dozens of visual device units (VDUs) simultaneously, rotating the cameras they are viewing directly from their control room. They communicate regularly with our other SIA security guards as well as the police to update them about any suspicious activity they see, or when reasonable – and permissible – act themselves.

Our CCTV operators also monitor staff working off-site in high risk or potentially dangerous situations. Our SIA CCTV operators and SIA security guards adhere to a strict professional code of conduct: logging all incidents they witness, and charged with labelling and checking video feeds, they are not permitted to discuss what they see on their VDUs with persons outside of the company, in accordance with SFS Security’s company policy and the official data protection act.

Duties include

  • Answering and logging telephone calls and messages
  • Surveilling public spaces and transport
  • Performing a roaming patrol of the premises (where necessary) including car parks and communal areas
  • Restricting access to “off-limits” or private areas

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