Door Supervisors are the customers’ first point of contact when they visit a licensed venue or event and often set the tone of the evening before the customer even walks through the door. To reflect this, we have strict dress codes and conduct policies that all our Door Supervisors must follow at all times, ensuring that the client is represented in the best possible way.  SFS Door Supervisors are fully trained to high industry standards and hold an SIA licence.  Additional Leadership and Advanced in house training is provided to all our staff

Diverse and multicultural, our door supervision teams range from a single operative to a 30 person team for a large capacity nightclub or event.  All staff are fully vetted and trained onsite before carrying out their duties.

SFS Door Supervisors:

  • Provide security & protection for the premises
  • Monitor entrances, exits and other key safety points
  • Manage flow of customers, screen the suitability of people entering into the premises
  • Patrol, monitor, report and act to prevent injury to self and others
  • Assist the Police in evidence gathering
  • Cooperate with managers on health and safety matters
  • Work in accordance with any H&S instruction/ training
  • Incident reporting/ recording

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