SFS in top 25

October 23, 2014 − by SFS Ltd − in News − Comments Off on SFS in top 25

Security Industry Authority (SIA) was initiated in April 2003, to regulate people and companies working in security industry.

At present, individuals working in security must hold a licence issued by SIA, but companies do not require a licence to operate in this industry. Business licensing is expected to come into force in 2015.

However, SIA registers as “approved” all companies who satisfactorily pass an inspection encompassing all aspects of a business’s operation. This approval is reviewed yearly, to ensure that approved companies maintain the standards.

There are currently 753 approved contractor companies and their achieved standards are recorded yearly in a scoring system, where 64 points is the median score.

Last year Secure Frontline Services was rewarded with a score of 72 points, which positioned us in the top half with regards to performance.

We are now proud to announce that a huge progress was achieved this year:

After a full 2 days company inspection, SIA awarded SFS on 1st October 2014 a scoring of 121 points (an increase of 49 points on last year’s audit).

This has pushed us in the top 25% of all approved security companies.

We are officially recognized as of one of the most professional security companies and this provides our staff and clients an assurance that we meet high professional standards.

Well done to our staff, management and clients, as all of their efforts contributes to this success!

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