SFS – Now officially in the top half of ACS security companies

October 23, 2013 − by SFS Ltd − in News − Comments Off on SFS – Now officially in the top half of ACS security companies

We proudly announce that on 1st October 2013, SIA has awarded our company ACS status for the 5th consecutive year

The Approved Contractor Scheme encompasses all aspects of a business operation: how well an organisation is managed, how effectively it services its customers and how well it treats its employees. This is a voluntary scheme aiming to raise performance standards in the private security industry. A full description of the standards and measures required to attain approval is available from SIA website

At the end of last month, SIA has extensively assessed our company over a 2 days’ inspection and has decided that our employment practices and our services supplied are in line with recognised quality standards and industry best practice.

We received a good feedback during and post-assessment due to a few good practices identified.  Being rewarded for our continual improvement with a score of 72 points (where 56 is the median score).  Amongst 753 approved contractor companies, SFS is now officially in the top half with regards to performance.

We are proud of our staff, who have been putting together a great deal of effort and professionalism towards building a good image of the company. We thank them unreservedly.

We are also thankful to our clients who have helped towards our success by openly discussing any issues and sending us regular feedbacks.

The SIA Approved Contractor scheme gives us the opportunity to distinguish ourselves as amongst the best providers of private security services in the UK.

SFS endeavours to bring SAFETY, SECURITY, PEACE of MIND & HARMONY to your professional environment.

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