Watch out for concealed weapons

May 16, 2014 − by SFS Ltd − in News − Comments Off on Watch out for concealed weapons

Picture News 7Believe it or not, violence has declined over long stretches of time, and we may be living in the most peaceful time in our species’ existence.

However, we still live in a very violent society, as violence (distinct from power, force, or strength) continues to exist in many spheres of behavior, from unjustified violent moments to self-defense.

Pubs and clubs are ‘hot spots’ for violence, as customers who are drunk or using illegal drugs can increase the risk of aggression. To make customers feel safer, using staff as a deterrent is largely considered.

While some objects may come in handy to be used during a violent moment (cutleries, bottles, glasses, chairs, tables, umbrellas, high heels footwear, belts), others are held by some people for the purpose of such moments.

Security searching are often carried out to stop weapons from getting into venues and attention is always paid to items such as umbrellas, football flag sticks or some key rings. However, everyone should be aware of the existence of blades concealed in everyday objects. Although it can quite time consuming, proper searches are the best way to avoid that undesirable objects are carried out in licenced premises.

So, all security personnel: WATCH OUT FOR THIS!!!

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