The importance of a comprehensive in-house training

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SFS In-House TrainingWhile SIA was seen as the external force that could fix the industry’s problems, there are situations where security workers hesitate, despite of the initial training undertaken.

Most of the experienced door supervisors, close protection officers or security guards have learned their job from support provided by their senior colleagues and own mistakes. However, colleagues can be sometimes less helpful and big mistakes can badly reflect upon a person’s future.

A basic Induction Training is meant to create a bond between new staff and the company, but this does not improve the team work of their staff, which usually is left in the hands of fate.

SFS has been organizing for years an Advanced Training in the effort that all staff will have comprehensive knowledge about the main job challenges and successful options to deal with them. Sharing the knowledge of a uniform approach across the company has proven to be the right way towards a better team work.

We cover issues such as dealing with queues, groups, drugs, fights, weapons. However new challenges continuously occur and updating on these issues via emails is not as efficient as refresher training, where people engage in constructive dialogues.

  • Did you know that SIA does not allow displaying a photocopy of the door supervisor license instead of the original?
  • Did you know that a 16 or 17 year old can legally drink beer, wine and cider in a pub?
  • Did you know that over 9000 venues in UK have disabled toilets that can be unlocked with the same key?
  • Did you know that any person with a disability can purchase or even obtain this key for free from some local authorities?

Years ago, security staff needed to only have knowledge about radios, clickers and metal detectors. Today, body cameras and ID scans are used on large scales. Technology evolves and trainings need updating.

We take pride in our in-house training, which has been recognized as a good industry practice by SIA.

SFS endeavors to bring SAFETY, SECURITY, PEACE of MIND & HARMONY to your professional environment.

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